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نحن نقدم خدمات لسنوات عديدة ونحن مؤسسة مرخصة لتقديم NDIS في جميع الولايات. لدينا عمال دعم إعاقات مدربين وذوي خبرة.  

نحن نعمل جنبًا إلى جنب مع LAC والمشاركين ومنسقي الدعم. لدينا القدرة على الإحالات . 

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The social work profession operates at the interface between people and their social, cultural, physical and natural environments. Through casework, assessments, counselling, family work, advocacy, research, policy and community work, social workers operate from a person-in-environment perspective providing interventions that address issues at both the personal and social levels. Accordingly, social workers maintain a dual focus on both improving human well-being and addressing any external issues that impact on well-being or create inequality, injustice and discrimination.

Sydney Gentle Care

Social Workers

This could involve individual, family, and group work, adjusting to illness/disability, dealing with emotional aspects of life transitions, and working on interfamily relationships and dynamics.

Counselling and Therapeutic Approaches


Strengths-based psychosocial assessment, Risk assessment (such as family violence, and abuse)

Capacity, functioning and development assessment, including support and participation requirements, housing and accommodation



Facilitate planning by providing information about resources to maximise choices and opportunities for the person to achieve their desired life.



This includes supporting people with disability and their families to resolve conflicts that may arise between themselves or others.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution


As part of this, Sydney Gentle Care Social Workers engage, designing and evaluating programs, Specialist expertise in addressing the psychosocial aspects of situations such as the impact of disability, abuse, neglect, family violence, mental health issues, complex family dynamics, homelessness, traumatic experiences, transition points in people's lives, and socio-legal issues.

Program Design


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